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v24730.152019-07-09 at 08:08shinnewTasogare no FolcloreThe original title uses "フォルクローレ" which is from Spanish rather than "フォークロア", the English reading. Reverted to revision v24730.13
v24730.142019-07-09 at 03:43tomtheerogemanTasogare no FolkloreSee t11575#11 for the rule regarding spelling mistakes in game titles.
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v24730.82019-04-20 at 06:17sakuhanachanTasogare no Folklore>企画:森崎亮人/Citrus(シトラス) link
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v24730.12018-11-24 at 01:31aleissterTasogare no Folkloreadded new visual novel by Citrus (Navel)