Zoku: Iranai Ko Game Reset

続:いらない子ゲーム reset

Zoku: Iranai Ko Game Reset
TitleZoku: Iranai Ko Game Reset
Original title続:いらない子ゲーム reset
DeveloperStein Gar Coo
Publishers Stein Gar Coo
Original game
Iranai Ko Game


Expansion/sequel pack for psycho suspense novel "Iranaiko Game".

Now added is a previously unselectable "one path", an 8,000-word additional short story (main content) and gallery mode + BGM mode by popular request!

Plus, several bonuses like original wallpaper and character icons, the full versions of OP and ED songs and more.
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2012-08-11All ages  Zoku: Iranai Ko Game resetNon-freeDoujin1 DVD  
2014-08-24All ages  Zoku: Iranai Ko Game resetFreewareDoujinInternet download  

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