Lanbaoshi Ban de Beihai Wangxiang Shaonu


Lanbaoshi Ban de Beihai Wangxiang Shaonu
TitleLanbaoshi Ban de Beihai Wangxiang Shaonu
Original title蓝宝石般的被害妄想少女
AliasesThe blue-diamond Damsel in distress
DeveloperHuntun Xianren
Publishers Cheng Guang Youxi & Huntun Xianren


《The blue-diamond Damsel in distress》 is a new style of very brainstorming adventure game, you need to complete all the content of the previous chapter to unlock the new plot. The process of finding the truth of a case is full of confusion and various difficult reasoning challenges. You need to have certain clues to get the truth accurately. You need to go into various scenes of time to show your reasoning ability. Combining with the information described in various figures, you can find the correct answer. Each chapter has a wonderful inside. Allow you to challenge, constantly explore all kinds of strange cases around Li Meiyuan, incarnate detective step by step reasoning to get the right clues to guide the plot forward.

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2017-06-08  Lanbaoshi Ban de Beihai Wangxiang ShaonuNot voicedFreewareDoujinContains paid content  
2018-11-27  Lanbaoshi Ban de Beihai Wangxiang Shaonu / Damsel with persecutory delusionNot voicedNon-freeCommercialInternet download 2 

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