Edit history of Heart Work Symphony of Destruction

v2477.192019-03-13 at 00:40kuroneko45Heart Work Symphony of DestructionAdded some minor staff members. Link
v2477.182019-03-11 at 15:30kuroneko45Heart Work Symphony of DestructionAdded some voice actors. Link
v2477.172016-12-14 at 16:18infernoplexHeart Work Symphony of DestructionFixed link
v2477.162016-12-14 at 16:17infernoplexHeart Work Symphony of DestructionWikipedia link
v2477.152016-10-10 at 17:27[deleted]Heart Work Symphony of Destructionremove unneeded alias, releases exist with heartwork as 1 word
v2477.142016-04-16 at 10:33[deleted]Heart Work Symphony of Destructionno need for original name to be filled, name is already in Latin
v2477.132015-02-05 at 08:11beliarHeart Work Symphony of Destructionstaff
v2477.122013-05-18 at 16:30binfujiwaraHeart Work Symphony of Destructiontitle, alias
v2477.112012-01-22 at 04:07surferdudeHeart Work Symphony of DestructionIt's longer than 2 hours.
v2477.102011-11-25 at 22:18trazeHeart Work Symphony of DestructionThis game took me less than a hour to get all the ending.
v2477.92010-08-03 at 08:59izmosmolnarHeart Work Symphony of Destructionthis ain't no nsfw
v2477.82010-08-03 at 08:54koinodensetsuHeart Work Symphony of DestructionMarked image as NSFW.
v2477.72010-01-22 at 00:05immlffHeart Work Symphony of Destructionbetter image (at least it shows actual game character)
v2477.62009-08-16 at 20:41izmosmolnarHeart Work Symphony of DestructionAdded the proper screenshots.
v2477.52009-08-16 at 18:21izmosmolnarHeart Work Symphony of Destructionmistyped url
v2477.42009-08-16 at 17:55izmosmolnarHeart Work Symphony of DestructionRemoved the screenies for now due to the absence of textbox. Will upload some later
v2477.32009-08-16 at 17:47izmosmolnarHeart Work Symphony of DestructionFew screenshots for the 640x480 japanese release (Some better ones would be much appreciated) and added the Kitty Media link to the description.
v2477.22009-08-16 at 16:45izmosmolnarHeart Work Symphony of Destructionuncapitalized the title
v2477.12009-08-16 at 16:32izmosmolnarHEART WORK Symphony of DestructionVN added