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B ~Aoki Haitoku~


B ~Aoki Haitoku~Safe / Tame (14)
B ~Aoki Haitoku~
AliasesMisty Blue
Play timeShort (2 - 10 hours)
Alternative version

Dare mo Shiranai... Ushinawareta Kioku no Tobira


Our hero is a former commander in the self-defense forces. He was relieved of command for being responsible for the annihilation of his entire unit. He now leads a calm and peaceful life as an investigator for an insurance company. One day however, his girlfriend Mie suddenly disappears. Having lost the only thing in life that matters to him, our hero succumbs to alcoholism. About this time, a girl claiming to be Mie's friend contacts him and tells him she knows where Mie is. He heads out to meet this friend, Emiko, but is skeptical about any useful information. Our hero isn't at all prepared for what he finds...

This is an adventure game, where your mission is to finds our hero's girlfriend, Mie. You will use the key word "Misty Blue" to solve the mystery. A player has 4 different types of games to choose from: Action, Horror, Splatter, or Suspense. All of these stories follow along the lines of the key word "Misty Blue." You will get the feeling of being in another realm. You can't help but enjoy these rich and colorful stories!

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