Kitty Cat's Drag Race

Kitty Cat's Drag Race
TitleKitty Cat's Drag Race
DeveloperMale Doll
Publishers Male Doll


Uuuuhhh, GURL!

Welcome to the Kitty Cat's Drag Race, a reality show with lots of glitter, pop music, and a-ma-zing queens! Our adventure takes place on the debut day of the show and Kitty Cat, the best-known drag queen on the world, is the protagonist of this story. Next, with Chimelle Bifage, a cat who is more than a special judge, you will get to know an amazing studio and experience unexpected situations. With three queens seeking victory, Nebraska 2500, Bhi'Bhi O'Bara and Been Dela Christ, the story brings contestants inspired by the various pop divas and drag queens of the past decade.



2018-11-05  Kitty Cat's Drag Race - DemoFreewareDoujinInternet download  


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