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Mahou Shoujo Marin ~Chijoku no Zenra Dogeza~

魔法少女マリン 〜恥辱の全裸土下座〜

TitleMahou Shoujo Marin ~Chijoku no Zenra Dogeza~
Original title魔法少女マリン 〜恥辱の全裸土下座〜
AliasesMagical Girl Marin ~Naked Dogeza of Shame~


She's cute and looks the part,
but Magical Girl Marin is totally powerless.
Every battle is a disaster! She just loses!
That means instant r*pe. Virginity? Pffttt.

Meet the losingest magical girl since Elle.
Pigbeasts to tentacles to townspeople
paint a coat of shame on the new cum-soaked "make shojo".

But Marin is not disheartened.
It's just so many shed tears of violent indulgence.
Today's another glorious day... to fail...

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2015-10-2918+Mahou Shoujo Marin ~Chijoku no Zenra Dogeza~
2018-12-2118+Spermation Variety Pack


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