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v24935.312019-06-15 at 17:40kdabraone1E School LifeAdd Length
v24935.302019-06-11 at 11:50printerdesuE School LifeSS
v24935.292019-06-07 at 13:15krykryE School Life99% certain on this one.
v24935.282019-06-02 at 11:17traumatizerE School Lifebetter desc
v24935.272019-06-01 at 09:06sakuhanachanE School Lifestafflist
v24935.262019-05-18 at 09:41shinnewE School LifeThe resolution of the game is 1280x720. link
v24935.252019-05-17 at 15:51sakuhanachanE School Lifelink
v24935.242019-05-11 at 09:58usuisorataE School Lifeadded trait
v24935.232019-05-09 at 20:33sakuhanachanE School Lifefrom in-game's snapshot (link or link if you miss it >花園 亨(はなぞの とおる)) if you really want to go with Toru because official site, you should edit
v24935.222019-05-09 at 18:34usuisorataE School LifeThis is taken from the website and it is spelled as Toru and not Tooru link
v24935.212019-05-09 at 18:18sakuhanachanE School Lifelink
v24935.202019-05-07 at 21:21usuisorataE School Lifeadded screenshots
v24935.192019-05-07 at 21:00usuisorataE School Lifeadded screenshot
v24935.182019-05-07 at 20:42usuisorataE School Lifeadded screenshot
v24935.172019-05-07 at 20:16usuisorataE School Lifeadded screenshot
v24935.162019-05-07 at 20:00usuisorataE School Lifeadded screenshot
v24935.152019-05-07 at 19:53usuisorataE School Lifeadded
v24935.142019-05-07 at 19:51usuisorataE School Lifeadded
v24935.132019-05-07 at 19:10usuisorataE School Lifeadded trait
v24935.122019-05-07 at 19:02usuisorataE School Lifeadded trait
v24935.112019-03-08 at 09:37sakuhanachanE School Lifelink
v24935.102019-02-24 at 19:39kdabraone1E School Life...
v24935.92019-02-03 at 22:11kdabraone1E School LifeImg.
v24935.82019-01-29 at 20:32kdabraone1E School LifeMaybe this one was better...
v24935.72019-01-29 at 20:21kdabraone1E School LifeImage.
v24935.62019-01-25 at 13:09printerdesuE School Lifeimage?
v24935.52019-01-25 at 11:31sakuhanachanE School Lifelink
v24935.42019-01-25 at 08:25sakuhanachanE School Lifecast link
v24935.32018-12-24 at 04:01thewayfarerE School LifeTemporary snapped image from website and edited by layering
v24935.22018-12-23 at 05:52thewayfarerE School LifeAdding staff (missing two) + Fixing name
v24935.12018-12-23 at 05:39thewayfarerE School LIfeAdding new visual novel from Hooksoft (temporary visual)