Ovine Replica

Ovine Replica
TitleOvine Replica
AliasesOvine Replica: Serenity in Flesh, The Enonoia Saga: Part I
DeveloperAmorous Ursidae
Publishers Amorous Ursidae


Once an impoverished boy, Ecout Kanovos lands a job as a recruit for the authoritative force of the city of Enonoia: the Master Order Trained Hire. As an opportunity to support himself and his family, his enlistment into the MOTH first seems to be a hopeful chance at serving his hometown in the name of justice. However, Ecout soon realizes that this work exceeds his expectations.

Amidst chaos between citizens and authority as sudden abductions and riots occur, an otherworldly atmosphere looms just beyond the dark recesses of the city's society. From a dubious state prison, Ecout frees Otis: a peculiar young man with a beastly visage who promises to return the favor with an ability to grant any wish.

Could this power repair Ecout's life before it crumbles along with the city, or will the events that follow mark his undoing? What awaits you in the end is yet to be found.

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2019-09-1617+   Ovine Replica (Demo Ver.)Not voicedStory: No animationsFreewareCommercial1920x1080Internet downloadPrerelease demonstration. Covers Chapter 1 and 2. 2 
201917+   Ovine ReplicaNot voicedStory: Simple animationsNon-freeDoujin1920x1080Internet download


Character summary

Protagonist Ecout Kanovos
Main character Carol Kanovos
Main character Joanne Edison
Main character Louise Alkaev
Main character Melanie Callisto
Main character Noah Tolstoy
Main character Otis

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