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I saw delicious Reira from Kangoku Joou
Relations[empty][official] Shares characters: Kangoku Joou ~Do S Onna Kanshu-tachi ...

Prison Queendom ~Kyousei M Otoko-ka Choukyou~

プリズン・クィーンダム ~強制M男化調教~

Prison Queendom ~Kyousei M Otoko-ka Choukyou~
TitlePrison Queendom ~Kyousei M Otoko-ka Choukyou~
Original titleプリズン・クィーンダム ~強制M男化調教~
Publishers Herencia
Shares characters
Kangoku Joou ~Do S Onna Kanshu-tachi ...


Prisoners suffer innumerable indignities at the hands of the guards.
In time, the suffering itself becomes pleasure. They are brought to heel, both physically and in the depths of their souls...

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