Giri Giri Sisters

義理☆ギリ しすたぁ~ず

Giri Giri Sisters
TitleGiri Giri Sisters
Original title義理☆ギリ しすたぁ~ず
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Softhouse-Seal


Family Planning begun out of duty
Immediately after beginning to live on his own, the protagonist Kaoru's home is destroyed in a fire.
Gazing, dumbfound, as his apartment goes up in flames, someone calls out to him.
"Um, excuse me?"
He turns towards the voice with a sullen expression on his face, only to find himself looking at his dead mother....
"Um... You're Kaoru, right?"
This was the first meeting of Kaoru and his aunt.
The sudden sister-in-law

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Shinohara Kaoru篠原 薫 
Role, Homeless, Nephew

Main characters

Side character