Edit history of Genpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei-

v25003.252021-04-03 at 14:05chaosharbringerGenpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei-Changed length, got a tracker that clocked at 47-48 hours.
v25003.242021-03-27 at 09:51sakuhanachanGenpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei-stafflist
v25003.232021-03-26 at 04:20moyangGenpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei-Name correction
v25003.222021-03-21 at 10:35moyangGenpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei-Description translated from link
v25003.212021-03-01 at 13:00thymeGenpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei-Hyphen consistency.
v25003.202021-03-01 at 12:59thymeGenpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei-Cast +1. link
v25003.192021-02-27 at 21:53sumidandaGenpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei-Length
v25003.182021-02-06 at 15:20thymeGenpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei-Cast +2. link link
v25003.172021-01-24 at 13:43thymeGenpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei-Cast +3. link link link
v25003.162021-01-09 at 13:18thymeGenpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei-Cast +2. link link
v25003.152020-12-28 at 10:29thymeGenpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei-Cast +1. link
v25003.142020-12-19 at 13:14thymeGenpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei-Cast +1. link
v25003.132020-12-11 at 15:26thymeGenpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei-Cast +3. link link link
v25003.122020-12-04 at 15:07thymeGenpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei-Cast +2. link link
v25003.112020-11-28 at 06:58sumidandaGenpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei-Added some trial screenshots
v25003.102020-11-27 at 14:45thymeGenpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei-Staff +1. link
v25003.92020-11-21 at 14:45707Genpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei-link
v25003.82020-11-13 at 11:44thymeGenpei Ryouran Emaki GikeiCast alias.
v25003.72020-11-13 at 11:43thymeGenpei Ryouran Emaki GikeiCast +3. link link link
v25003.62020-11-07 at 14:36thymeGenpei Ryouran Emaki GikeiCast +4. link link link link
v25003.52020-11-04 at 15:17thymeGenpei Ryouran Emaki GikeiStaff +3, cast +1. link link
v25003.42020-10-30 at 15:21thymeGenpei Ryouran Emaki GikeiCast +1. link
v25003.32020-10-23 at 23:12myopiusGenpei Ryouran Emaki Gikeistaff
v25003.22020-06-23 at 14:31sumidandaGenpei Ryouran Emaki GikeiReplaced teaser image with non-silhouette version recently unveiled
v25003.12018-12-31 at 18:41sumidandaGenpei Ryouran Emaki Gikeijust announced & teased; current info is extremely tentative link