Dead Days

Dead Days
TitleDead Days
DeveloperClock Up
Publishers Clock Up



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Kuresaka Teru
Kuresaka Teru暮坂 照 
Personality, Dishonest, Selfish, Sly
Role, Childhood Friend, Kouhai


Teru has the appearance of a gentle man and refreshing atmosphere. His academic ability and motor skill are above the average. He is actually an egoist cunning liar with no hesitation to tells lies or using others in order to stand in a better position.

Main characters

Mera Manami
Mera Manami衣良 麻奈美 
Body, Mole, Young-adult
Personality, Watashi
Role, Housewife, Mother


One of the "dead" that became a companion of Teru. Housewife in her mid 20s. Big busted woman with young looking face. Hate conflict and not good at seeing violence or blood.

Mitsumine Aira
Mitsumine Aira三峰 あいら 
Hair, Blond, Intake, Twin Tails
Personality, Stylish


One of the "dead" that became a companion of Teru.

Side characters

AliasesSixty Six
Body, Pale, Slim
Clothes, Hood
Personality, Boku, Mysterious


A mysterious existence appears before Teru and the others. He named himself "Nobody 66th."
A beautiful boy with silver hair wrapped in white pure colored clothes.

Gipsy Q
Gipsy QジプシーQ 
Role, Biker, Hispanic


A mysterious large woman appears before Teru.

Indou Eita
Indou Eita犬童 瑛太 
Hair, Blond, Intake
Role, Senpai


Teru's senpai at school.

Samehada Kiruru
Samehada Kiruru鮫肌 キルル 
AliasesKirurin (キルりん)
Clothes, Eyepatch
Personality, Third Person


A "dead" comes from different group than Teru's.

Tendan Soukichi
Tendan Soukichi天願 壮吉 
Body, Adult
Clothes, Glasses
Personality, Reserved
Subject of, Amnesia


One of the "dead" that became a companion of Teru. He is probably around 30s. Calm and reserved personality.