Relation graph for Mudkip's Dating Simulator 2

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Mudkip's Dating Simulator 2017-06-30 en Mudkip's Dating Simulator 1+2 2018-03-16 en FandiscOriginal gameMudkip's Dating Simulator 2 2017-07-15 en SequelPrequelMudkip Goes to Walmart then... 2018-12-13 en/ja SequelPrequelFandiscOriginal gameSequelPrequelMudkip's Dating Simulator: ... 2019-06-22 en Mudkip (and Co.) Save the E... TBA N/A SequelPrequelMizugorou-chan Goes to 7-11... TBA N/A Side storyParent storySequelPrequelAlternative version