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I.B. 〜Komyushou no Ore ga Eranda Mirai〜

アイ・ビー 〜コミュ障の俺が選んだ未来〜

I.B. 〜Komyushou no Ore ga Eranda Mirai〜Safe / Tame (14)
アイ・ビー 〜コミュ障の俺が選んだ未来〜
I.B. 〜Komyushou no Ore ga Eranda Mirai〜
AliasesThe future destined by unsociable me
Play timeShort (2h54m from 1 votes)
DeveloperEntabridge Co., Ltd.
PublishersEntabridge Co., Ltd.


“Kazuto Sorai” is a genius hacker boy, who by the trigger of one incident develops a communication support AI, and applies for an App Development Contest. That app gained massive attention from the company which hosted the contest, and one day a lady who works at the company visited him…

It’s a SF youth story with a visual novel game style, where the untalkative main character and a little-off lady grow through various incidents. It’s a story where you can both laugh and cry! What is the mysterious project for “PEACE”…? What is the form of their ideal future…?

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