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Furries & Scalies & Bears Oh My!

TitleFurries & Scalies & Bears Oh My!
DeveloperStefan Klaus & Stegalosaurus Game Development
PublishersStefan Klaus & Stegalosaurus Game Development
Furries & Scalies & Bears Oh My! 2: R...
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Hey, kids! Have you ever wanted to be sucked into a vortex and spit out into a world full of talking animals?

A walk in the woods turns into something a lot cooler when you and your friend are transported to a land much like ours.... but with talking dragons and upright, walking, talking animals of various species. Are you trapped there? Will you ever get home? Each day brings new mysteries and adventures, and you interact with a host of different characters to learn the ins and outs of this brave new world.

[From Steam]

ADV 2.0 Dragon 2.0 Furry 2.0


English (6)
2019-01-16Furries & Scalies & Bears OH MY!
2019-03-06Furries & Scalies & Bears OH MY!, Charity Pack: Echoes of the Fire (patch)
2019-05-27Furries & Scalies & Bears OH MY!: The Bear DLC (patch)
2019-06-19Furries & Scalies & Bears OH MY!: Halloween Harvest Festival (patch)
2019-06-19Furries & Scalies & Bears OH MY!: Charity Bonus DLC (patch)
2019-11-16Furries & Scalies & Bears OH MY!: Ultimate Edition

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