Blanc Noir ~Inshuu no Majo Saiban~


TitleBlanc Noir ~Inshuu no Majo Saiban~
Original titleブラン・ノワール~淫襲の魔女裁判~
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Goku-Fero


Second prince Leon's mother has demons blood, this becomes an excuse for his brother to incite a revolt and get him killed, in order to become the lord of the realm.

His body gets discarded to the woods. But he comes back to life by a mysterious power and he decides to take revenge. Thirteen years later, Leon changes his name and enters to the monastery beside the palace as a monk in training. There he meets Sophitia, the holy woman blessed by the lord, and Josephine, who is the daughter of the lord. Just as he was about to launch his plan for revenge, demons suddenly start invading the castle...

Main characters