Zettai Fukujuu Princess ~Kijoku Kakumeiroku~

絶対服従プリンセス ~姫辱革命録~

TitleZettai Fukujuu Princess ~Kijoku Kakumeiroku~
Original title絶対服従プリンセス ~姫辱革命録~
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Valkyria


"Romertania" is a huge monarchy with a long and brave history, and vast dominance among the continents.
The protagonist, Franz Contra, served as a national high-ranking knight named the Royal Security Guard of the country, which was blessed by the blessed soil and rich nature.

However, he has another face as well.
He was also a member of the secret security organization "Secta", performing missions such as spying on neighboring countries, and interrogation and clearance of dissidents, calling it "ideal reform"

One day, he receives some critical information from the minister of the interior affairs, Adrian Sapnal, who reports directly to his superior.

"Is the current word true? Secretary?"
"Oh ... I can only ask you, comrades."

It is a revolutionary plan that brings together those who are dissatisfied with the dictatorship system of the current King Wenceslas. The current king's beloved daughters, Remis and Fiori, were to be taken prisoner.

Franz is sexually trained to impress the two princesses, and is assigned a secret mission to make their body and mind obedient.

(Kukkukukuku ...)

Franz wasn't confused by the sudden order ... he was shaking in joy with joy.

(...... Finally, how long have you been waiting for this day! In the quest for a way to make that man experience intense humiliation and despair beyond death, this is a situation of hope and humility!)

His reply to the King Wenceslas, who had burned the fire of envy, had been decided.

(This is the "revenge" for that time! To that man who forgot the day, that awful day that made my life crazy ...)

Franz was to train and rule the beautiful princess sisters in order to fulfill revenge. Can Franz really make them realize the magnificent scenario he draws in his mind?

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