Relation graph for Crime Rhyme 2

Note: Unofficial relations are excluded if the graph would otherwise be too large.

Mirai Fandisc 2007-02-23 ja Injoku Shinryou Club 2009-11-27 ja Crime Rhyme 4 2007-04-27 ja Inaho no Mirai 2006-04-28 ja Crime Rhyme 2004-06-25 ja FandiscOriginal gameSame settingCrime Rhyme 2 2005-03-25 ja Alternative versionFandiscOriginal gameSide storyParent storyCrime Rhyme 3 2005-11-25 ja Alternative versionFandiscOriginal gameAlternative versionWAM 1999-08-27 ja Akarui Mirai ~Wet And Messy... 2003-12-19 ja Same seriesFandiscOriginal gameAlternative version