Tetsudou Musume DS ~Terminal Memory~

鉄道むすめDS ~Terminal Memory~

Tetsudou Musume DS ~Terminal Memory~
TitleTetsudou Musume DS ~Terminal Memory~
Original title鉄道むすめDS ~Terminal Memory~
DeveloperTomy Company, Ltd.
Publishers Tomy Company, Ltd.
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This is an adventure game inspired by the popular figure series Tetsudou Musume. As a cameramen of a traveling magazine, you are entrusted with the assignment of discovering and revealing the charms of the ladies working in the railway industry. Get to know them through conversing with them and the more they favor you, the better the poses and pictures you can take of them. Each of the ladies you meet on your journey has their story or troubles, some of them may be struggling with a railroad company that is loosing money, another may be forced to quit their jobs after their marriages. Solve their problems by your camera and gain their favor in the process.

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2008-10-09All ages  Tetsudou Musume DS ~Terminal Memory~Non-freeCommercial  


Character summary

Main character Kuji Arisu
Voiced by Fujimura Ayumi
Main character Kurihashi Minami
Voiced by Hirano Aya
Main character Monden Sakura
Voiced by Nabatame Hitomi
Main character Ootsuki Miina
Voiced by Satou Rina
Main character Takano Miyuki
Voiced by Matsuki Miyu
Main character Togawa Tsukushi
Voiced by Akesaka Satomi
Main character Yagisawa Mai

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