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Babumi! ~Atashi ga Uminaoshite yan yo!~


TitleBabumi! ~Atashi ga Uminaoshite yan yo!~
Original title刃撫魅!~アタシが産みなおしてやんよ!~
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
PublishersHending & Sukora Magazine


"Please, won't you be my momma?"

Living in solitude is quite harsh in today's society.
Indeed, a mother is required, especially for an adult who works tirelessly every single day.

Enter our protagonist, Tsukishima Jin, one such individual who yearned for a mother to call his own. Having but just met him for the first time, there were four women who complied with his request.

"Gee, what a helpless guy..."
"Ahaha, there, there, senpai, who's a good boy?"
"A momma, huh. Ha, ain't you a funny one."
"Can I do...anything I'd like to you?"

By a twist of fate, the four women turned out to be famous delinquents, one of 'em a gyaru. Indulge yourself in their hidden feelings of maternity, and be healed by their warmth!

[Translated from Getchu]

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Tsukishima Jin月島 仁
HairBrown, Short


A 28 year old virgin.

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