Tokushu Houdoubu


Tokushu Houdoubu
TitleTokushu Houdoubu
Original title特殊報道部
DeveloperNippon Ichi
Publishers Nippon Ichi
Available atJapanese PlayStation Vita version at for US$ 52.99 »


Nipponichi, the developer that brings the world all sorts of wacky games are celebrating their 20th anniversary. And instead of doing it with a cake, they do it with Tokuhou, a game that aims to show you the real world, from reality to beyond. The gamer becomes the Assistant Director of the Tokuho Show, Yuzuhara Ryo. He's sent to all sorts of regions in Japan to find explanations for what appears to be supernatural occurrences. The cases you investigate in might include mysterious fires, poltergeist reports, kappas and all sorts of chilling crimes. But you don't have to head into the dark unknown alone, the mysterious co-workers and the cute assistant are all behind you.

[from Play-Asia]