Dorei Ouhi Sophia


TitleDorei Ouhi Sophia
Original title奴隷王妃ソフィア
AliasesSlave Queen Sophia
DeveloperOyama Dennou Giken
Publishers Oyama Dennou Giken
Same series
Filler Report
Same setting
Kyuuteigaka Marize no Yuuutsu


The assault of Queen Sophia.
She made use of that flesh to deceive Premequia,
but what happened after? The answer is revealed.

A visual novel with voice acting, CG gallery,
and other features that have been included in past

Part of the original fantasy series "the Legend of the Deep"

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2015-01-3018+  Dorei Ouhi SophiaFully voicedNon-freeDoujin1024x7681 CD  


Character summary

Main character Maryse
Voiced by Ooyama Chiroru
Main character Premequia
Voiced by Masaki Phan
Main character Sasha
Voiced by Ooyama Chiroru
Main character Sophia Mill Stakian
Voiced by Kinashi Juri

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