Angel Profile


Angel Profile
TitleAngel Profile
Original titleエンジェル・プロファイル
DeveloperGeneration X
Publishers CyberFront
Shops» US$ 33.99 @ PlayAsia


A "bishonen raising game" in the vein of the Princess Maker franchise, the player becomes the "mother" of a prince who was cursed by a dragon to become a child. With the help of two tutors, the angel Michael and the devil Mephisto, you'll need to raise the child back to his original age... but what will become of him depends on you!


2007-09-27All ages  Angel ProfileNon-freeCommercial 2 


Character summary

Main character Julius
Main character Mephisto
Main character Michael
Side character Basilius
Side character Carolina
Voiced by Nakahara Mai
Side character Emilia
Voiced by Nabatame Hitomi
Side character Gabriel
Voiced by Kobayashi Sanae
Side character Helena
Voiced by Oohara Sayaka
Side character Julia
Voiced by Watanabe Akeno
Side character Last
Voiced by Mizuhashi Kaori
Side character Mattheus
Voiced by Nojima Kenji
Side character Satan
Voiced by Houki Katsuhisa
Side character Theresa
Voiced by Inoue Marina
Side character Thomas
Side character Vitus
Voiced by Sugita Tomokazu

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