Ren'ai, Karichaimashita


Ren'ai, Karichaimashita
TitleRen'ai, Karichaimashita
Original title恋愛、借りちゃいました
Aliasesこいかり, Koikari
DeveloperASa Project
Publishers ASa Project


Due to family circumstances Yuki believes that "money is for the sake of making my imouto happy", and worked until late at night at a part time job.

Graduate quickly and work as a society member were his goals, but one day his imouto told him when he was leaving for work: "if Yuki won't go to university I won't either". I can't let my imouto go through that burden!

So, in order to gather the necessary sum of money to enter university, Yuki signs up for a "human employment rental" website. It seemed extremely suspicious but, all victories inevitably come at a cost.

But for some reason, he gets commissioned to pretend to be the girls in his class's boyfriend... furthermore, even from a friend to be her onii-chan!?

After being paid these relations for the sake of the girls will start... with their details and instructions!


2019-07-2618+  Ren'ai, Karichaimashita - First Press EditionNon-freeCommercial1280x7201 DVD  


Character summary

Protagonist Shinkai Yuki
Main character Izumi Chinatsu
Voiced by Mizuno Nanami
Main character Izumi Konatsu
Voiced by Kaname Shiori
Main character Segawa Emi
Voiced by Hanadera Karen
Main character Soraji Tsubaki
Voiced by Fujisaki Sayaka
Main character Tenma Hasumi
Voiced by Amekawa Shino
Side character Hinayama Gorou
Side character Hinayama Yumeno
Voiced by Harukawa Akari
Side character Kozeki Momoko
Voiced by Kitami Rikka
Side character Mihama Saki
Voiced by Kusuhara Yui
Side character Shinkai Tsuki
Voiced by Ayumi Sarah
Side character Tooyama Aki
Voiced by Toono Soyogi

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