Josou Jinja


Josou Jinja
TitleJosou Jinja
Original title女装神社
AliasesTrap Shrine
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Eroge Japan
 Eroge Japan & No~Strike
 Eroge Japan


After enduring countless years of ascetic training to inherit his parent's shrine, our protagonist is surrounded by a parade of cuties with a surprise!

Despairing over not being able to enjoy a "normal" love, he seeks the aid of his local enshrined deity. And as if the heavens themselves heard his plight, the Goddess manifests in front of him.

But fate would deem that the Goddess he unsealed was... a trap Goddess!

"Come, let us be united in marriage!"

"I want a normal girl, thank you very much!"

The shrine will become the stage where the legend of trap conception will be born!


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Hair, Black, Short
Body, Young-adult
Role, Non-blood-related Brother, Shinto Priest, Younger Brother


The chief priest of Kotomusubi shrine.
Unable to keep up with his sister's advances, he ends up asking for divine intervention, only to end up being courted by a Goddess instead!
Our protagonist is between a rock and a hard place. What will he do?

Main characters

Endou Mishiro
Endou Mishiro円藤美代 
Hair, Black, Ponytail
Body, Slim, Teen, Trap
Clothes, Miko's Dress, Sandals, Wedge Sandals
Personality, Jealous
Role, Miko, Non-blood-related Sister, Older Sister
Voiced byTachibana Mitsuki


The protagonist's loving big sister, perhaps a bit TOO loving at times!
Her position as sister is put to the test due to Yui's arrival, and a fierce rivalry ensues.

A tradition of Kotomusubi states that all shrine maidens should be cross-dressing males in order to not anger the Goddess, Mishiro is one of such maidens.
For Mishiro, marrying the protagonist is as certain as shooting fish in a barrel.

Hair, Long, Red
Body, Furry Tail, Kemonomimi, Slim, Teen, Trap, Younger Appearance
Clothes, Sandals
Role, Deity, Fox, Immortal
Engages in, Cross-dressing
Voiced byMakuro Hon


The Goddess sealed inside Kotomusubi shrine's cave.
She wields the power to create and strengthen bonds.
The gods of heaven were afraid she might cause chaos in the world, so they sealed her.
It took our protagonist's heartfelt wish and a bit of magic to bring her back to this world.

Seeing the reincarnation of her past love in him, she immediately proclaimed herself as the protagonist's wife.
Her true name is Kotomusubi Himegami-no-Mikoto.
Not a woman, but a trap Goddess.

Side character

Hair, Ahoge, Brown
Body, Kemonomimi, Slim, Teen, Trap
Personality, Food Lover, Immature
Role, Deity
Voiced bySuzuna


The incarnation of the Komainu enshrined at Kotomusubi Shrine.
A glorified errand boy for the gods, so his power isn't particularly exceptional, and despite his usual clumsiness he still claims to be a powerful God.
His original role is to watch over the sealed Goddess, but since the shrine's going through rough times, he took up a part-time job as a shrine maiden.

He's a bit of a scatterbrain on all fronts.
Hinowa has a bit of a sweet tooth, and is accustomed to being fed Mishiro's peerless cuisine.