Orbital Paladin Melchior Y

Orbital Paladin Melchior Y
TitleOrbital Paladin Melchior Y
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)


Nine years into an ongoing war between Earth and space colony governments, Wick Palmer is an eighteen-year-old pilot who's been entrusted with one of the most powerful mechas in the solar system. He joins the crew of the spaceship Nauvoo to guard a site responsible for the development of a new superweapon. Wick can get to know and form relationships with his fellow pilots. Soon, the enemy discovers their position and begins attacking. This game is a visual novel/action game hybrid.


2019-02-1213+ Orbital Paladin Melchior YFreewareDoujin 1 


Character summary

Protagonist Wick Palmer
Main character Hosanna Mendoza
Main character Pascal Lewis
Main character Soo-jin Jeong
Side character Armond Temperance
Side character Marcus Webb
Side character Raz Gupta

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