Zai Mori Qianxi Dengdai Fangqing


Zai Mori Qianxi Dengdai Fangqing
TitleZai Mori Qianxi Dengdai Fangqing
Original title在末日前夕等待放晴
DeveloperKoo Wei Xue She
Publishers Koo Wei Xue She


In the May of the Month, one of the Tamshui’s school had wind & rain always.
Jia Wei, a campus student who met a girl called Gabriel in the graduation of the eve.

Many types of coincidence connected them together, running repeatedly in campus on rainy day.
A senior that wouldn’t ever cast spells, a girl fears that turn into a robot,
An old baptizer loves to splash water, and a lazy bump student who only speaks without doing any actions….
Jia Wei met these people and begins a journey of redemption.

The countdown to the end of the day is approaching with the pace of graduation.
After the storm, what kind of scenery that two of them will be going to face...?

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2019-02-26  Zai Mori Qianxi Dengdai FangqingNon-freeDoujinInternet download 2 

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