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Love Shore

TitleLove Shore
DeveloperPerfect Garbage
PublishersPerfect Garbage


Welcome to Love Shore, a city that transforms at night. The futuristic metropolis also just happens to also be populated with cyborgs, old gods hidden in the depths of a criminal underground, and humans eager to crawl their way to the top, no matter what the cost.

After a fertility crisis changed the landscape of the city for good, a single company stepped in to help the residents: Life S. Incorporated, a biotech firm that claimed to be able to build life out of raw DNA, creating a fully formed human with thoughts, feelings, and morality of their own.

Their minds, physical appearance, and personality would be drawn from their parents’ DNA, but the children would be ‘born’ using artificial bodies. This new generation would be called the S.Humans: a non-aging, tough form of new life.

[From Kickstarter]


2019-03-0417+Love Shore - Demo
2019-09-0617+Love Shore - Alyosha's Revenge Demo
2019-11-1117+Love Shore - Final Demo
2021-0317+Love Shore

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Main characterAlyosha
Main characterAziz
Main characterConrad
Main characterImani
Main characterJo
Main characterMaya
Main characterTalia
Main characterVivian

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Love Shore - Demo

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