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Infinite Loop ~Kojou ga Miseta Yume~

インフィニットループ ~古城が見せた夢~

インフィニットループ ~古城が見せた夢~
Infinite Loop ~Kojou ga Miseta Yume~
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperNippon Ichi Software
PublishersNippon Ichi Software
LinksWikipedia (ja), Wikidata
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The story is set in a medieval European kingdom being torn apart by a mysterious plague. This disease starts immediately after the king's death and as the crown prince, you have to discover the truth behind it.

However, a few days before your coronation ceremony and marriage to a princess, you see the eye of death and are met with the same fate as your father.

Your quest officially begins at your death. Possess the people in the castle, listen to their conversation and carry on with your investigations. Possess all sorts of people and discover their hidden agenda that will eventually lead you to your answers.


Japanese (3)
2008-07-2412+Infinite Loop ~Kojou ga Miseta Yume~
2009-06-1112+Infinite Loop ~Kojou ga Miseta Yume~ The Best Price
2011-09-1912+Infinite Loop ~Kojou ga Miseta Yume~ Download Edition


Full character list

Character summary

AishaMain character
Voiced by Arai Shizuka
CelestiaMain character
Voiced by Matsuoka Yuki
DorenMain character
GrantMain character
JimmyMain character
LukesMain character
Voiced by Kawamura Takuo
MaryMain character
Voiced by Kousaka Natsuki
NelsMain character
Voiced by Asou Keitarou
PeriteMain character
Voiced by Kubota Gorou
TatianaMain character
VieneMain character
Voiced by Shindou Kei

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