Zhu Sheng Jihua - Victory Project

筑盛計画_Victory Project

Zhu Sheng Jihua - Victory Project
TitleZhu Sheng Jihua - Victory Project
Original title筑盛計画_Victory Project
Publishers 33ParadoX
 Sekai Project


Ramon was serving a life sentence for helping politicians to launder money. After spending two years in jail however, an amnesty provides a new opportunity for him to lift him from his despair.

He is sent to Hive Island to work as a volunteer but rather than expecting further imprisonment or hard labor, he is surrounded by beautiful girls! However behind that peaceful life was a conspiracy. One that will pull him and his love from their peaceful existence down a far more sinister one.

[From Sekai Project announcement]


2019-03-1218+  Zhu Sheng Jihua - Victory ProjectFully voicedNon-freeDoujin1280x720Internet download
2019-03-1218+  Zhu Sheng Jihua - Victory Project For MACFully voicedNon-freeDoujin1280x720Internet download
2019  Victory ProjectNon-freeDoujin

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  Zhu Sheng Jihua - Victory Project

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