Zetsubou no Elevator


TitleZetsubou no Elevator
Original title絶望の密閉空間
AliasesZetsubou no Mippei Kuukan, The Elevator of Despair
DeveloperHentai Musume
Publishers Hentai Musume


A new year, with new friends.
The tragic heroine Kaede had gone over to her new friend's house.
However, the sudden urge to go to the bathroom comes.
And it obviously feels like [diarrhea].
She decides to rush home rather than ruin her new friend's toilet.
Little did she know that the elevator she was about to enter would lead her to despair...

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Scat 3.0


2019-03-1218+  Zetsubou no ElevatorPartially voicedNon-freeDoujinNon-standardInternet downloadResolution: 640x960
Only Heroine Fully Voiced

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  Zetsubou no Elevator

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