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Kyouyuu Tsuma, Minori ~Tonari no Heya de Dakarete Iru Ai Suru Tsuma~

共有妻、美乃利 ~隣の部屋で抱かれている愛する妻~

TitleKyouyuu Tsuma, Minori ~Tonari no Heya de Dakarete Iru Ai Suru Tsuma~
Original title共有妻、美乃利 ~隣の部屋で抱かれている愛する妻~
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperAtelier Sakura
PublishersAtelier Sakura
Shops» JP¥ 2860 @ DLsite


After graduation Masashi married his sweet heart Minori and lived a happy life. He went missing one day during an accident on a business trip overseas and loses his memory. After two years he has recovered and returns home.

Having trouble gaining back his lost years he relies on his wife and his good friend Yoshiichiro, and is now trying to make it up to them.

One day Masashi vists Yoshiichiro at his rundown apartment and asks him to move into a spare room at his home. While Masashi felt a strange atmosphere at home, the three begin living together. Then one night walked into the living room and saw his wife kissing Yoshiichiro.

And so Masashi hears from them of how they had started a relationship while he was missing and they thought he was dead. Yoshiichiro tries to leave the house saying that he shouldn't be here, Masashi stops him. He proposes to live together for a while to decide on the future for his wife and best friend. Eventually, while living such a life, Masashi begins to think about leaving for the happiness of his wife.....

[Edited Google Translation from Getchu]

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