By Your Side

By Your Side
TitleBy Your Side
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperTakafumi Sakagami
Publishers Takafumi Sakagami
Same setting
Aious ~Proof of Concept~


A story of the mundane, set within a fantastical version of '60s Britain. In a world full of industry, magic, and adventure, the unnamed protagonist decides to settle down. She has, together with her girlfriend, saved up enough money to afford an apartment. The two move in together and the game begins.
You, as the protagonist, play through a daily routine of interacting with the Heroine. As the days pass you will unlock new options, new outfits, new scenes, and plenty of backstory.


The Protagonist
The Protagonist 
Hair, Brown, Long, V Bangs
Eyes, Red
Body, Pale, Slim
Items, Camera
Role, British, Domestic Partner, Homosexual, No Name, Professional Photographer


A photographer who once showed no interest in humans. Her life changed when a stranger entered the frame. Pushed along by the Fairy, she stumbled into a romance with the Heroine. Though she may be quiet—and she may seem cynical at times—she truly loves life and all the beauty it brings.

Main character

The Heroine
The Heroine 
Hair, Long, Pink, Ponytail
Eyes, Blue, Symbol
Body, Adult, Slim
Personality, Deredere, Mysterious
Role, British, Customizable Appearance, Domestic Partner, Florist, Homosexual, No Name
Voiced byCaitlin Myers


An upbeat herbalist with a bouncy personality. She pulled the protagonist into many fun activities, and the two eventually fell in love. She hopes to one day save enough money to buy a house, and maybe even marry her beloved. Although she lives as the embodiment of love, at times she seems to harbour a deep hatred for the world.

Side character

AliasesThe Fairy, Euonymus
Hair, Red, Spiky
Eyes, Amber
Body, Dark, Tiny, Wings
Role, Acquaintance, Fairy


Saved by the Protagonist’s good will, Euon the Fairy promised to one day repay the favour. This repayment came when the Protagonist met the Heroine.
A very long time ago Fairies flooded the forests, using the roots and leaves of trees to communicate with one another. However over the years they—like many of the Earth's creatures—dramatically declined in numbers. They are considered an endangered species and are a very rare sight.