Shoujo Byouteki Ren'aichuu


Shoujo Byouteki Ren'aichuu
TitleShoujo Byouteki Ren'aichuu
Original title少女病的恋愛中
AliasesSyoujyo Byouteki Renaicyuu
DeveloperKoinu no Gunshin
Publishers Koinu no Gunshin


I, Maiko Ogawa (name changeable), am a student at the Yukareno Academy!
I like my calligraphy teacher, and want to get into a school that's nearby,
but if I don't reach certain goals, my happy school life may come to an end...!?

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2019-04-0915+  Shoujo Byouteki Ren'aichuuNot voicedNon-freeDoujinInternet download  

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