Umbra Mortis

Umbra Mortis
TitleUmbra Mortis
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperCrux Game Studios


Umbra Mortis is a Horror/Sci-fi Visual Novel from Crux Game Studios that touches on themes of sickness, sanity, and loss, and the deepest, darkest fears that plague us.

When a devastating illness overcomes a man, taking away all that he has, he must look deep within himself to find the will to go on. But what exactly is the nature of the dread disease that grips him? How is it ravaging his body? How will he face the darkening shadow that grows within?


Horror 3.0


2019-04-1214+   Umbra MortisFreewareDoujinInternet download  
2019-04-18    Umbra Mortis (patch)FreewareLinux version added  

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