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Drifting in Circles

TitleDrifting in Circles
DeveloperNadia Nova
PublishersNadia Nova


Pandora is forced to go back to her home town to live with her mom as she fucked up her art studies in the city. Is this it, is her art career over before it even started? To make matters worse, during the few years she was away, she had started her transition and now has to return as a girl. How will everyone in this small town react to such thing? What will her mom think? Her old best friend? The new people she meets?

Follow and guide her through her new and old relationships as she navigates complicated feelings of gender, sexuality and mental illness. and of course, being a horny young lady.



2018-07-07Drifting in Circles: Day 1
2018-07-12Drifting in Circles: Days 1-3

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Drifting in Circles: Day 1

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