Juuyoku no Mesu Niku Eiyuutan ~Etsuraku ni Ochita Mitsurin~


TitleJuuyoku no Mesu Niku Eiyuutan ~Etsuraku ni Ochita Mitsurin~
Original title獣欲のメス肉英雄譚~悦楽に堕ちた蜜林~
AliasesA Tale of a Beast-Lusting Fem-Meat Heroine ~The Jungle of Pleasure~
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperPichiPichi Gallery R
Publishers PichiPichi Gallery R
Shares characters
[unofficial] Dragon's Cr●wn Ishukan Meikyuu ~Bakem...


Though the Amazoness had become a hero, her heroic tale ended soon after.
"She discovered her true self."
She had no idea that this would only be the beginning...

Her body couldn't be satisfied by human males...
This gap would be buried by males from other species.
While worrying that the humiliation and pleasure would corrupt her,
her heart and body were already...

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