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Deadnettle Creek

TitleDeadnettle Creek
Developerazaraih & somonastic


Maez has an ordinary life, spending their days in a cubicle doing data entry and sharing lunch breaks with their college friend turned coworker, Lupita. When Lupita is unexpectedly laid off, the two of them take a walk through Deadnettle Creek, one of the few spaces left in their town that isn’t paved over with concrete. Walking along the dried up creek bed, they stumble into a mysterious hollow and accidentally release a strange snake creature. The snake turns out to be an ancient nature spirit who possesses Maez. During the centuries the spirit spent sealed up, the destruction of nature in the area left it weakened. Since it can’t leave Maez’s body until it regains its powers, they have to work to bring nature back to the town or be stuck together forever.



2019-04-06Deadnettle Creek - Demo

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