In the World of Nightmares

In the World of Nightmares
TitleIn the World of Nightmares
Publishers ponprod


“Everyone has a world inside of them; a realm ready for exploration as soon as they drift to sleep. They can swim through oceans, traverse forests, explore castles, and just about anything in their dreams! But even in this alternate world, all things must maintain a balance. Nightmares are waiting for the perfect moment to strike…”

Everything is normal for Reina. That is, until the one day that it isn't. Chancing upon her old stuffed toys in storage after redecorating her room, she decides that it would be best to keep them around, just for old times' sake. Ready to retire for the night, she closes her eyes... only to find that hostile creatures in the form of Nightmares are ready to end her life, once and for all!

Not if the Dreamchasers have anything to say about it, at least. Three young men appear in Reina's Dream Realm, all ready to face these monsters and make sure she wakes up for another day! Wait a sec—are they her stuffed toys?!



2019-04-0513+    In the World of Nightmares - DemoNot voicedStory: No animationsFreewareDoujin1920x1080Internet download

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