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Tints of Black

TitleTints of Black
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)


Shay Foster just tries to get by in high school in a small town in Texas, but it's easy to be a target to bullying when she sticks out as a goth. But if she thought her luck was bad before, she's in for an even bigger surprise, when she and five of her main bullies get attacked and kidnapped by a serial killer family right outside of her prom. Faced with moral dilemmas and depressive thoughts, how shall Shay push on?


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MeasurementsHeight: 173cm
RoleGreek, High School Student
Releases> Protagonist - r63298:Tints of Black


Held back a grade, a foster child, goth, intersex/transgender, and a main target of bullying, Shay deals with a lot of depression and struggles in her daily life.

It is apparent that she most likely has a dissociative disorder as she can’t see the faces or details of people she has no attachment to or interest in. Shay’s true default is that of kindness or self-harm and not that of violence or hatred. She is incredibly sassy.

Main character

ClydeClyde Abel Attaway
MeasurementsHeight: 198cm
RoleOlder Brother, Serial Killer
Engages inMurder
Releases> Main character - r63298:Tints of Black


From a very religious family, he was seen as the perfect son by his abusive and alcoholic father. He’s usually a gentle giant and teddy bear for the most. He murdered his father in self-defense for his little brother.

Despite his kindness, Clyde has been a willing participant in murder and with disposing of bodies. He fell madly in love with Shay, but he is content with just her presence, never wanting to make her uncomfortable or forced.

Side characters

AydenAyden Thomas Langston
MeasurementsHeight: 173cm
RoleHigh School Student
Engages inBullying
Subject ofBullying
Releases> Side character - r63298:Tints of Black


Your typical gawky little nerd, but he was desperate to break from his position and was willing to take others down with him.

However, he’s still that boy that you’d either pay or threaten to do your homework. A photographer that uses his art for malicious intent, especially at the command of Molly, who he has a major crush on and almost hopes to climb the social ladder through her.

ChucklesCharles Beau Attaway
AliasesChuckie, Chuck, Charlie
MeasurementsHeight: 163cm
HairOrange, Red
BodyFreckles, Short
ItemsChainsaw, Shotgun
RoleSerial Killer, Younger Brother
Engages inMurder
Releases> Side character - r63298:Tints of Black


Acts almost like a stereotypical redneck, but is also very techie and secretly into anime. Shay describes him as having “Resting pissy face."

He has nearly no filter and uses a lot of derogatory terms. Despite his foul mouth, he loves his big brother more than anything. He has a bad heroin addiction problem. Growth was stunted from physical abuse by his father as well as from his own substance abuse.

DavisDavis Angel Emerson
MeasurementsHeight: 185cm
RoleAfrican, Half-brother, Older Brother, Serial Killer
Engages inMurder
Releases> Side character - r63298:Tints of Black


Probably the most grounded and mature of the
family. Also very lighthearted and sweet, with
a very calm demeanor and low temper. He's the
most scholarly and has low interest in the actual
act of murder and is more interested in cannibalism
(which he laments but allows Easton to feed). He's
also currently a nurse and used to work at a
morgue. Despite being older, he still looks at Clyde
as an older brother.

EastonEaston Hunter Crocker
MeasurementsHeight: 174cm
RoleHalf-brother, Homosexual, Serial Killer, Younger Brother
Engages inMurder
Releases> Side character - r63298:Tints of Black


Grew up in a relatively traditional family aside
from the existence of his bastard half-brother.
He never had a close bond with either of his
parents as they were both bigots and he discovered
rather young that he was homosexual. He usually
is rather calm but is still a sadistic killer. He
has a very close bond to his brother, Davis, despite
them not being allowed to hang out as children.

ElijahElijah Connor Snyder
MeasurementsHeight: 175cm
RoleSerial Killer
Engages inMurder
Releases> Side character - r63298:Tints of Black


A womanizer and drinker, he likes to go to
the bar after a long day. He likes to keep up
the dark and mysterious image. Despite his
“no fucks given” attitude, he is acctually a
hard worker. He can be rather short tempered
and quick to fight. He acts as a mentor to
Chuckles and pretty much helped him get into
being a serial killer and rapist.

JaneJane Madelyn Rotton
MeasurementsHeight: 167cm
RoleCheerleader, High School Student
Engages inBullying
Releases> Side character - r63298:Tints of Black


Homecoming and prom queen for and leader of
the cheer squad; your perfect example of a
Heather or Mean Girl. There doesn’t seem to be
a reason that she intially started picking on Shay
aside from it being “the way things go.” She is
dating the school Quarter Back, Josiah and is
best friends with Maya. She can be very vicious
with her bullying and has turned the entire cheer
squad against Shay.

JosiahJosiah Grayson Tucker
MeasurementsHeight: 183cm
RoleHigh School Student
Engages inBullying
Subject ofHomicide
Releases> Side character - r63298:Tints of Black


Your stereotypical jock and a bit of a meathead.
He actually can usually talk the talk and gets
decent grades, will fight if need be. He is a
hounddog, dating the Cheer Squad captain,
Jane, and secretly dating the swim team
champion, Maya. He has tried to score with
Shay before, but she turned him down. He
pretends it never happened and bullies her
alongside with everyone else.

MayaMaya Autumn Potts
MeasurementsHeight: 162cm
Engages inBullying
Releases> Side character - r63250:Tints of Black - Early Access


Swimming team champion and on again off again
girlfriend of one of the school’s most popular boys.
Shay actually has dated her current boyfriend, and
since then, she’s had it out for Shay. Shay also
caught her cheating with the school QB, Josiah,
who is also her best friend’s boyfriend, Jane. She
verbally harasses Shay and occasionly gets
physical. She’s even had her friends help out and
gang up on me. This includes cyber bullying.

MollyMolly Caroline Deats
MeasurementsHeight: 160cm
RoleCheerleader, High School Student
Engages inBullying


Dumb blonde cheerleader type and comes off as
super cute and sweet and like the biggest airhead
you know, but it’s really all an act. She uses
Ayden for whatever she wants, and has a
reputation with the boys. She mainly bullies Shay
to keep up her reputation. He main mode of terror is
cyber bullying and stalking with Ayden. She used
to be chubby and unpopular before high school and
is scared of being bullied again.