Kankinkon ~Sentaku no Hibi~


Kankinkon ~Sentaku no Hibi~
TitleKankinkon ~Sentaku no Hibi~
Original title監禁婚~選択の日々~
Publishers Dusk


Inspired by the R18 drama CD series.

What awaits is only despair.

On a certain day, during the way home, the heroine was suddenly dragged into a car. Held down by an unknown man, who called himself “Saijou”, the heroine shook in fear and was told this.

“You don’t know me, but I’ve always been watching you. Each and every single day, I’ve wondered how I would ravish you…”

Inside the car, where help does not come, the heroine was thoroughly assaulted by Saijou. Enduring the humiliation, just as she thought she would finally be released, Saijou started to talk about a “wedding”.

The numerous words of Saijou, who can only be thought of to be insane, gradually eat away at the heroine’s spirit…

[from Yumemiru Sekai]


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Character summary

Main character Kuse Kazuma
Voiced by Mie Kanade
Main character Saijou Hikaru
Voiced by Miraku Akira
Main character Saijou Touji
Voiced by Miraku Akira
Main character Sumeragi Yamato
Voiced by Hachiouji Takao
Main character Yamana Makoto
Voiced by Shinsen Ryoku
Side character Kuse Souji
Voiced by Aoyama Masamune

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