Maker4D example game

Maker4D example game
TitleMaker4D example game


Maker4D - the 3D RPG game maker engine (and its free.)

Maker4D allows you to create 3D RPG-s with pre-rendered background, and real time 3D battle. (Similar to Final Fantasy 7 or 8, or Alone In The Dark). It is also capable to make Visual Novels, and it can dynamically switch bethwen 2D or 3D mode. Maker4D is a free RPG game maker engine that automatically generates your playable 3D characters from 2D picture of your hero.

Maker4D has no editor, it automatically generates the game based on the files you created. To make a game with Maker4D, you have to do a directory for every room (map), then copy the background to the map directory (background.jpg), and put your playable character in as hero.png. Maker4D can be also used to create 2D Visual Novel games.

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2019-03-15   Maker4D example gameNot voicedStory: All scenes fully animatedFreewareCommercial1920x1080Download Maker4D:  

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