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Through the Panels

TitleThrough the Panels


Mimi Stokes is an ordinary girl who dreams of two things: escaping her sleepy small town, and becoming a comic artist.

So when her dad's job uproots her family and lands her in a new school in a new country, Mimi is thrilled -- especially as her new friends (and foes) all seem like characters straight out of her favourite mangas and dramas.

Struck by inspiration, Mimi starts her first comic series, based on the lives of her school mates. However, drama usually has to be instigated, and before she knows it, Mimi soon finds herself meddling in their personal matters in order to get more ideas for her story.

But can anyone blame her, really? It's for the sake of her art!

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2019-05-1113+Through the Panels - Demo
TBA13+Through the Panels - Free Version
TBA13+Through the Panels - Premium Version

Full character list

Character summary

Mimi StokesProtagonist
Voiced by Elissa Park
Cherry LinMain character
Voiced by Ruka Samuels
Nolan KimMain character
Voiced by Eddy Yeung
Richard LiuMain character
Voiced by Will Benzel
Samantha LeeMain character
Voiced by Crystal Lee
Umi TakahashiMain character
Voiced by Marianne Bray
Wyn BarrettMain character
Voiced by Kevin Thelwell
Adrian WongSide character
Voiced by Tom Sky
Melissa BautistaSide character
Mrs. StokesSide character
Voiced by Lauren Mayfield
Ms. WuSide character
Voiced by Molly Zhang

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