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v25784.72019-06-30 at 13:09punkGreat DeceiverLength
v25784.62019-06-30 at 12:18punkGreat DeceiverAdded SS
v25784.52019-06-02 at 12:44toshiyukiGreat DeceiverVoice actresses
v25784.42019-05-23 at 19:52alessandroGreat Deceivercorrection
v25784.32019-05-22 at 22:33alessandroGreat Deceiverdescription
v25784.22019-05-19 at 17:02shinnewGreat DeceiverOriginal title is in romaji, katakana is a reading helper. link
v25784.12019-05-17 at 20:28munly1955Great DeceiverCreated page