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v25788.72019-07-26 at 15:23fuukanouMidara ni Ochiru, Saiai Kanojotrans
v25788.62019-07-23 at 19:44denebv201Midara ni Ochiru, Saiai KanojoSet game length
v25788.52019-06-29 at 09:55wakaranaiMidara ni Ochiru, Saiai Kanojocover, additional credits
v25788.42019-05-27 at 02:32fuukanouMidara ni Ochiru, Saiai KanojoCorrected. I thought it was probably better to not fight the English to try and keep the original unclear subject of the original text.
v25788.32019-05-27 at 02:28fuukanouMidara ni Ochiru, Saiai Kanojoredone summary translation
v25788.22019-05-27 at 01:44termogalantMidara ni Ochiru, Saiai Kanojo!To be replaced! Added preliminary description, under the banner of "better than nothing", to be replaced by someone more competent. I just ran the
v25788.12019-05-18 at 22:21altoMidara ni Ochiru, Saiai KanojoAdd VN