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v25796.152020-01-24 at 12:00romax13Death end re;QuestGame can be completed in around 30 hours for completionist, if more then it would only be a few hours on most.
v25796.142019-12-16 at 09:33eacilDeath end re;Questcareless relation mistake I assume? as I saw no indication in the story that the 2 was set before the 1?
v25796.132019-12-16 at 09:24nekonekogirlDeath end re;Queststaff link)
v25796.122019-10-22 at 18:55multiDeath end re;QuestReverse relation update caused by revision v26773.1
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v25796.12019-05-19 at 20:34shukumeiteki1Death end re;Questadded new entry, proof that this is in fact a vn link also the game itself is described as a mix between visual novel and jrpg.