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Esper - Make You Live Again

Esper - Make You Live AgainSafe / Tame (13)
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Esper - Make You Live Again
Esper - Make You Live Again
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Esper - Make You Live Again is a kinetic novel that tells the story of Ryo, a young student Esper in an Esper academy.

The Espers are humans with special abilities. They can, when a person is suffering, share the pain and see the past and the memories of that person. Using their powers and their understanding of the problem, the Espers can help the person, and give them the will to live again.

Ryo is a very brilliant student, he has grown up and he's finally ready to become an Esper. The story starts on the day of his final exam, where Ryo will be sent outside of the academy to prove that he can make good use of his abilities. He does not really know a lot about the world outside the academy, and he's even afraid of it somewhat, but he's determined to achieve his goal of becoming an Esper.

Unfortunately for him, he's going to learn that the life of an Esper is not as simple as he thought. Ryo will discover that he's not the Esper he thinks he is, and he'll find himself involved in the dark secrets and pasts of the people around him. He'll have to deal with pain, suffering, lies and death, but also with understanding and love.

Will Ryo accept who he is? Will he be able to understand what's going on around him and save the ones in need? Find out by reading Esper - Make You Live Again.

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