My Magical Girlfriends

My Magical Girlfriends
TitleMy Magical Girlfriends
Publishers Genius


You have the strange power to see the auras of others. One day, on your way to university, you come across a girl who exudes a mysterious rainbow-colored aura. You decide to follow her, only to discover that she is actually a… magical girl?! The girl introduces herself as Elise, and now that you’ve uncovered her secret, you won’t be able to go for free. You wind up helping her with her homework for her magic school, together with her two familiars. But stepping into a world of magic isn’t all fun in games, as you soon find yourself caught up in a battle between Elise and her not-so-friendly rival...


2019-06-1912+  My Magical GirlfriendsNon-freeCommercialInternet download  

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