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Mitama ~Shinobi~


TitleMitama ~Shinobi~
Original title御魂~忍~
PublishersCiel & Mints & Space Project Co., Ltd.
Shops» JP¥ 2618 @ DLsite (jpn)
Related anime[DB-ANN] Mitama (OVA, 2009)


Ninja super action! Set during the time of the North and South Dynasties in Japan, the chaotic period after the collapse of the Kamakura government and before the formation of the Muromachi government. You must choose, in the beginning, one of two characters and determine whether you will side with the North or the South Dynasties. Depending on how you carry yourself throughout the game, you will actively change the fate of the game. Choose the Southern Dynasty and become Yahiro, the youngest sibling of a noble family, commanded to search and obtain the three sacred treasures handed down from the gods. Choose the Northern Dynasty and become Oboro, the ninja from the Fuga clan, commanded to assassinate the Southern Emperor. The intense portrayal of these two characters living in turbulent times and the mysteries that confront you make this all worthwhile. Also, there are fighting everywhere on this map and events, with intensity burning even hotter.

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